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Hey 🌍 thank you and welKome to my website Here you will find all things K. I've selected a number of piKtures📸, videos📽, musiK🎹 and so much more to aid me in taking my fans Kristian Deep. Thanks again for 👉Klicking by to see👀 me. It was Korny but you got it. Klick away Ksters.

Peace ✌and Love 💟 Always-Kristian w/a "K"

Get and Stay Konnected w/a "K" 

Get and Stay Konnected w/a "K" 

Get and Stay Konnected w/a "K" 

Get and Stay Konnected w/a "K" 

Since Koldvember (November) 2019 the Konnected platform has served the Performing Arts community by playing the music of both Main Stream and Independent Artists. 
"You might hear your song or you might hear mine"  says a smiling Kristian w/a "K". 
Either way great music is waiting and it's only one Klick away. 

Artist Bio

Kristian w/a “K” is a recording artist, songwriter, playwright, radio personality, Live Music event planner and actress who has been expressing herself through visual and performing arts for as long as she can remember. From school/church plays, oratorical contests in grade school, writing, or painting to figuring out how to record her favorite music from the radio onto audio book cassette tapes Kristian w/a “K” gets an A for participation. Educated via the Indianapolis Public and Saint Louis Public school system Kristian w/a “K” knows what hard work and determination can accomplish. A ward of the state of Indiana before the age of three, young Kristian grew up knowing two things. One, although the lady taking care of her wasn't her “real” mother she was loved and well cared for. Two, education starts at home. After being adopted by her paternal grandmother, Kristian w/a "K" moved to Saint Louis, MO.  At 10 years old she wrote her first poem and then her first song at 12. She spent her middle school years giving out the school's announcements via the PA system as she was part of the Be There Breakfast Crew along with James Pennington and Jasmine Williams. When Kevi Kev of Magic 108 FM made the intro tape for the Be There Breakfast Crew and took them on a field trip to the studio that was icing on the cake. Kristian w/a “K” knew her future would be in broadcasting. In 2003 Kristian attended the Saint Louis Black Repertory Summer Conservatory for Young Actors. She enjoyed her experience so much that she also enrolled in their Teen Tech program that same year. Her acting credits include but not limited to Sankofa (2003) performed by students of the conservatory, and Meeting at the Elders Circle (2006) written and directed by Joel P. E. King on which she was also assistant stage manager. Where Queens Meet a YouTube web series written and directed by Lydia Denise (2019). In 2013 Kristian w/a “K” signed a recording contract with the local record label Nasty Rebelz spearheaded by C.E.O. Carlito Doss. Kristian w/a “K” has been performing courtesy of Afton Shows since February 2012. She has performed with Nasty Rebelz at Cicero’s (Delmar Loop), Fubar Stl (Grand Center), Mokabe’s (Tower Grove), and MVP Bar and Grill (Florissant). Since her first single Jus’ a Feel’n feat. Carlito, she has worked with and been influenced by many artists in Saint Louis, MO. For example, BandoCarlito Doss, King, Bates, Mz. Tigga, GA Barz, Spitfire-Lively, Maria Massey, King Omowale, Astar, Ms. K Redd, J Toth from Hoth, Wet Grimlins, SmoothBeatz, A1 Beats, Dj BSmooth, L.T. Johnson, Man of Destiny, Poetiq, Bri Murphy, BSmooth, CatDawg, 9yne, T Grams, Dj Diesel, Pancho Rucker, Hakeem Hill, and Justin Kickett, just to name a few. She is also featured on A Stars’ track Don’t Hate (2012), 9ynes’ track Regret (2012) and King Omowale’s song Heavenly Father (2013). Kristian was introduced to the founder of Saint Louis School of Live Music in 2011 at St. Louis CC @ Forest Park. Ronald Pittman Sr.and Bates were her Music Theory classmates! Kristian and Ronald along with the help of fellow classmates hit the school studio to record “some sounds” as Ron would say. After some hard work collectively they produced a track called Kdeep. One day Ronald had the bright idea to take Kristian along for the ride to one of his school board meetings. Inside the meeting Kristian was reconnected with her Be There Breakfast Crew buddy James Pennington. That same day she accepted the nomination to become a member of Saint Louis School of Live Music Board of Directors. 2016 is the year Kristian w/a “K” graduated from Forest Park Community College. That same year she wrote, directed and starred in Kollege The Musikal using most of the songs she had written. Later that same year she went on to record ‘Art of Words’ using the band Art of Noise famous instrumental track “Moments In Love” and ‘Life’ using Nicki Minaj featuring Rhianna “Fly” instrumental. The Real Ms. Cookie STL, founder of FemFM radio, featured Kristian w/a “K” as a budding young talent in 2017 after she sent in a video submission for their Hottest Femcee contest and won. In 2019 Kristian w/a “K” made her debut as a co-host for Mz. Tigga’s podcast Talk2Tigga. It was through the [email protected] platform that Kristian w/a “K got the chance to interview R&B singer Chris Knite before his tour with K. Michelle. Thanks to another Femcee and college mate Bates, Kristian w/a “K” has performed at FemfestV (Fubar), LivingSingles (The Monocle) and The Queenatine Online open mic (Facebook). For Kristian w/a “K” radio and performing live go hand in hand. You can expect to hear and see more as she takes her place in the wonderful world of music and entertainment. Visit to listen to some of her earlier music.


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